December 21, 2014

Wrapping gifts

Wrapping gifts is something that I absolutely do not like to do. When my DH worked in the oil patch most times he didn't get home until December 23 or 24. That meant that no gifts were wrapped until the last day, ie 10 hours of gift wrapping. After a few years I got smart and only left the gifts that were given to the family that we did not see at Christmas unwrapped - only 5 hours of wrapping. But he had to pay attention when opening gifts at the family we spent Christmas with.
Then along came the gift bags made of fabric with a glittery cord to pull the top closed and a big bow placed on top. Woo Hoo only 2 hours of stuffing.
Next came the paper gift bags. Thanks to the $1 stores all were affordable. More Woo Hoo and 1 hour of stuffing.

I've always loved the shows where the gift receivers opened a beautiful box, no wrapping, no stuffing of tissue paper. Today, a friend sent this video for making fabric boxes. Yes, at this time of the year it is too late ... well, okay, maybe not, as some of you will attempt to make one for each person, but for me, too late. What a great gift for a quilting or sewing friend or anyone!

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