January 23, 2017

Blocks 31-33 Week 11

Week #11 

Dr. Roberta Bondar is in the news lately. You may want to review her information in Block 19.

All of you are doing so well you deserve a treat this week. These blocks are so easy you will be done in no time.

Who has been inside the Parliament Buildings? This week we meet the woman that carved the walls and the stained glass windows. Then when you go to visit the parliament buildings, listen to hear what the buildings are saying.

B l o c k s   3 1 ,  3 2 ,  3 3

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Available Tuesday 10 am Mountain time
Block 31 - Florence Lawrence
Block 32 - Mary Pickford
Block 33 - Eleanor Milne

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Enjoy and Have Fun!

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  1. Or even 9 am MT! Thank you so much for these beautiful blocks.