January 19, 2017

CW 150 and World Juniors 2017 Montreal

Over Christmas and New Years a friend and I spent 12 glorious days in Montreal watching the World Juniors 2017. It was our 3rd time at the Juniors and are hoping to be at then in Vancouver/Victoria in 2019. I was so proud when they sent the Canadian flag around the arena.

Many of you did not receive the notification that blocks 28 to 30 are available on the website. It is a blogger thing that we have no control of. We'll try again. 

Please make a note in your calendars to check the website every Tuesday after 10 am mountain time for the next set of blocks.


  1. I am guessing this is ice hockey? How proud can you be to see that glorious flag of Canada there? Although I am in New Zealand, I do have many friends in Canada, have not met any, but we share blogs, emails, and Skype calls, so I have a special place for you all. Congratulations, and I hope for an equally good win next time.

  2. What an exciting time! Do you just like hockey, or do you have some family members involved? I think hockey might be one of the most active and fast-moving sports around. It's certainly exciting whenever I see a game on TV! I was one who didn't get notified, but I thought to check about Thursday. =) Good reason to leave them up an extra week, then we can always check to be sure we have everything!