July 17, 2017

Blocks 106-108 Smoke and Fire

Fire and smoke. Smoke and fire. British Columbia and now Alberta forests are on fire. The smoke is thick in Calgary. Fine pieces of ash can be found on outdoor objects. Not a great way to get back to reality after the Stampede. Went to hike at Grassi Lakes in Canmore AB this morning, smoke not as thick, but I went shopping instead at The Sugar Pine quilt shop in Canmore so all was not lost.

I was so surprised, I'm sure you will be as well, to find out that an all time favourite cartoon of mine is Canadian.  
Unfortunately, I wasn't surprised to learn about the situation that a young Canadian had to go thru to get an education. The fact is that these situations are still happening in Canada. 

B l o c k s   1 0 6,  1 0 7,  1 0 8

106 Lynn Ridgway
107 Melissa Eve Bronwen Franklin
108 Shannen Koostachin


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