July 10, 2017

Week 35 Blocks 103-105 Stampede Time

In Calgary, it is said the seasons are winter and Stampede. This means cold and either hot and thunderstorms or both. This year it is hot hot hot. Sizzling hot especially beside the flapjack and sausage cook tops. I'm on the Stampede breakfast caravan committee. Fortunately, I'm usually in kids zone in the making rope, lassoing wooden bulls, tossing rings on the wooden animals, milking fake cows, sitting on saddles, planting sunflower seeds or around the pony ride corral. If you are at one of the malls that Team A caters stop by to say Yahoo!

Week 35 - 7/10ths of the way. More paper piecing, Yahoo! Fortunately or maybe unfortunately this is the last of it.

This is the last week of availability of Block 96 that had the revisions.

Helen, Lois and Helen either worked or retired by the sea. In any case, they all were masters in their area.

B l o c k s   1 0 3,  1 0 4,  1 0 5

103 Helen Smith Grant
104 Lois Irene Smith
105 Helen Irene Battle


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