July 3, 2017

Canada Day and Fourth of July Blocks 100 to 102

Did everyone survive Canada's 150th birthday?
We spent our morning flipping pancakes in Canmore Alberta, then watching the parade, then visiting Sugar Pine Quilt Shop.

To all our American neighbours

Don't forget to download the revised Caroline Louise Josephine Wells history, Block 96.

We are at the 100th block. Nothing could be finer. No problem as we are all experts now. And politics still gets in the way for the next three women.

B l o c k s  1 0 0,  1 0 1,  1 0 2

100 Ellen Louks Fairclough
101 Rita Margaret Johnston
102 Mary Two-Axe Early


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  1. I suggest that the instructions for Block 96 get another review. Step 2 refers to triangles... when rectangles are the cut pieces.