December 10, 2018


   For the first time in a couple years I was all out domesticing. The two young men that are constructing the studio never eat lunch, nor supper should they come to work after an already long day of work. So, for the last few times I've been feeding them so that their brains and body are getting nutrition to work properly. I also said that their mother called to say they need fattening up.

What better blocks to represent this week, Nourish by Debbie Grifka and Balancing Reflection by Yvonne Fuchs.

After talking with the gals about eating salmon this weekend, it made me want fresh baked salmon with rice and salad. The salmon is in the oven and now the rice. Oh sister, where is the measuring cup for the rice cooker. Fifteen minutes later, okay then we'll cook up this rock rice that I've never had, by scratch. Now rice and me do not get along. Heck can't even make instant rice. Whoa, cover and put on simmer for 40 minutes and absolutely with your life do not lift the lid. Can smell it all now, burnt rice. 

In the meantime, still looking for that rice cooker measuring cup. Ah ha, it twigs, one day I was smart enough to put the rice in a container and the cup with it. So now rice on the stove and rice in the rice cooker - a fabulous invention. Now what, the electrician calls have to go let him and the manlift into the building to park ready for Thursday. Seriously, I'm in the middle of domesticity I can make it there in 1.5 hours. Woohoo both rices worked, the awesome salmon baked, and off to the studio.

This takes us Full Circle by Missie Carpenter, For Madge by Pat Sloan.

Studio day 4.

   It was a crazy day today. Mom was running around the island, checking drawers, checking cupboards. If the phone rang once is rang a dozen times. All I needed was popcorn kitty treats. What a show! 

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