December 17, 2018

One More Week

   Are you ready or do you still have to quilt that quilt or bind that quilt? There's only one more week. How about adding those buttons? I can attest to sewing shirts and adding snaps or buttons,  Button Up by Cecile McPeak and Rachel Martin, to them the night before wishing I was in lotus land, Lotus Pond by Fiona Wright.
   Them were the days before Christmas, sewing up a storm, Nancy's Spool by Nancy Zieman - error in book revised Page 8, all through the longest night, Changing Seasons by Jane Davidson.

   Now I sit and enjoy the 2018 murder mystery looking forward to find out who done it while watching/listening to the Hallmark Christmas movies.

   I am so thrilled. Mom got me my own personalized first Christmas ornament. I even posed so nicely for the portrait.

Plus I'm over by the bird so I can watch and practice bird calls.

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