August 24, 2020

Fabric Shadows

    We are always told to press to the dark fabric. But, sometimes pressing to the light fabric is the best. This is when fabric shadows occur because the dark fabric is wider in the seam than the light. That is the light fabric is narrower than the dark fabric.


To correct this so the shadow doesn't show, first place the ruler just on the edge of the light fabric. Then slant the rotary cutter to the outside. If using your right hand, and the fabric is on the right, slant the rotary cutter to the right. 

Trim the seam. Now the dark fabric is shorter than the light. 

If there is only a little part of the seam that will have a shadow then just do it carefully and slowly. Practice will give you confidence and make perfect.

   Our hike today was to Pine Top. It is a loop through a wonderful forest of different trees and creeks. The one most noticeable thing was that some of the scrub bush had already turned yellow. Does this mean that is was too hot and dry or winter is coming early. Yuck. Even my crabapple tree has some yellow leaves. Ugh.

  Remember to download Block 2 of Paper Sky.

   I'm asking the pets out there. Do you have problems with your slave wanting a piece of the bed? Meowsh. Mom expects me to move after I'm all settled in for the night. I gave her at least 1/3 what more does she need. Do you see the white cover on the right side and the white pillow thing on the floor, she says those are my beds. I say she sleeps on the couch. I got here first.

Nighty night.

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