August 10, 2020

Paper Sky Block 2

   Block 2 is uploaded on Quiltnasium. Pattern is in two sections or you can copy it on 11"x17" paper.

Remember to join and to post your block one and two on the facebook page Quiltnasium Quilt Along by Kat. There are also video instructions on the fb page.

   Thank goodness things only happen in three's. Murphy's Law is still following me around. Have you noticed it starts small and ends big? Last week, first, there are gremlins in the fan. It stops or the light comes on on its own. Need to see the electrician. Second: the closet door that gets used about 6 times a year comes off. It either needs a new bottom catch or a new door. Third: the 50+ year old chest freezer decided it needed to be defrosted. This was discovered Friday and the new one, that is only to last 5 years, comes Tuesday. Spent 2 day cooking a freezing what I wanted to keep. And wouldn't you know it, this was discovered in the afternoon and the green bin was picked up in the morning. Garage smells lovely right now.

Hope your week is fabulous. Happy Quilting!

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