August 31, 2020

Rainy Days and Mondays

  never get me down. Ah it's Monday. We're off on another city hike, Douglas Fir Trail. Lots of up, trail and stairs. Many decades I've looked at this hill and never knew that you could hike it. Awesome view from the lookout.
Douglas Fir Trail hill

Up up and up

bridge over wash out


Down worse than going up

   Paper Sky block 2 will be up for purchase and block 3 will be up for free this week.

   Questions have been asked and comments have been made regarding the cutting out the fabric because most of the pieces we cut are irregular in shape. It is hard to gauge how to lay them out to get the best use of your fabric. I recommend that you print the number of pages required for each page. Cut out the paper templates. We have drawn some of the templates with two sections into one template. If you need to cut them apart then do so. Arrange the templates accordingly on your fabric to get the best use. We have given you a suggested layout that we used but it may not be the best layout for you. Each block that we cut, we have started where the previous block left off. So, if the previous block only used a portion of the width then we started where we left off. We try to keep it so that the fabric base line is straight, not jagged. As shown in the first photo below, we didn't cut the previous block in a straight line so the next block was arranged to use up the jagged base line.

 In the above picture, we used up the small piece that was left over from previous block.

If you are using one-way fabric then you can arrange the templates to get the direction you want the fabric to go. Note: that you will require more fabric.

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