May 4, 2020

2:1 Rectangles Had a Mouse

   Rectangles can be a royal pain when you are trying to sew them to another unit and getting the 1/4" seams to match up. Most rectangles that we use have a 2:1 ratio. That is, for every 1 unit of finished width, the finished length of the rectangle is 2 times the finished width. For example, if the rectangle's finished width is 2" then the rectangle's finished length is 4". Because the seam line is not at 45⁰, the seam line is offset from the corners. But, the 1/4" seam line intersection will fall on the diagonal seam line.

   Click the How To to get the instructions for calculating and piecing rectangles that have a finished 2:1 ratio. These instructions may be late for you but they may be used for any future project as well as those of you working on the 150 Canadian Women program.
If you have any questions or quilting problems, please email us so that we can try to help you.

   Mom, why don't you let me keep the presents I bring you? You always say you're proud of me and then shoosh me into the house leaving my present behind. Oh, okay, good, I get it, you want to bring it in. That's ok with me as long as you don't take credit. Whew! Hey, why are you going upstairs? Did you not get it? Let me out, I'll get it. Hey, where did it go? I know it was here.

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  1. Thank you so much for the rectangle tutorial. Yes, it is a bit late for the project that is long gone that drove me (and my friend) nuts but another will occur and I will be READY!
    Now (sigh) after visiting your website and wandering around, I have a burning curiosity about a photo posted there. I love that older Singer sewing machine (just like my mom's) and cannot help but wonder about the angled support beneath it. Why? What angle? How does the machine stay put? Do you use an angled support under every sewing machine you use??? What wisdom have I missed out on?