May 11, 2020

Getting There

   We finally got the shelving moved to Chaparral, the desk moved downstairs, cutting table and cupboard moved upstairs. The two young guys were sweating. So far two of the shelving units are loaded. It's taking so long because we are inventorying the fabric and comparing it to the website. So far so good, only a handful of fabrics were not deleted when done. For me it's embarrassing to email customers and say that the fabric is not available.

   Kitty's been doing a great job keeping the mice under control. I was helping the gardening lady clean up. She was nervous about cleaning out the center of the tall grasses because the mice chew up the grass to make a nest. Sometimes there are babies. The neighbour's yard was chewed up really well from mice during the winter. Whew, no babies.

   There are a few skinny bolts on the shelves. There will be a live facebook sale in a couple weeks. Stay tuned.

   I got an extra loving today. Mom said it was because there was no mice in the grass. Duh, of course not. I'm the great mice hunter. And am darn good at it if I say so myself. 

Twice a day I check it out. Sometimes they are in the neighbour's garden. I've been nonchalantly walking along the back of the neighbour's yard. When mom catches me I eat the green grass along the back. Mom doesn't have a clue that I'm looking for a way to get though the neighbour's fence.

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